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Over the years we have seen the importance of accessories. We believe that accessories have the ability to accentuate any outfit; they add that pop that completes your outfit. We design for Teniquesters who are classy, sophisticated, confident and most importantly unique.  Each piece has a unique design that will enhance each Teniquester’s confidence and uniqueness.  We strongly believe that your confidence on the inside can shine on the outside, through the accessories you wear.

We started making jewelry in 2011, when our designer, Nicolette Simms, also known as Nixx, decided she wanted to make her own jewelry that would stand out from others. So how did she transition from making jewelry for herself to selling jewelry to Teniquesters across the globe? Her manager at the time wanted to purchase some of the jewelry she had made for herself, and that is when it occurred to her that there are many more women who are confident, unique and bold enough to allow their accessories to showcase how they feel on the inside.

We pride ourselves on making jewelry that is not only bold and unique, but also versatile. This means that a lot of our jewelry can be worn in more than one styles and nothing says bold and unique like transforming one jewelry piece to suit different occasions. We also pride ourselves on designing customized jewelry pieces for our Teniquesters to match their mood for a certain event.