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About Us



Over the years we have seen the importance of accessories. We believe that accessories can accentuate any outfit; they add that pop that completes and polishes your outfit. We have been designing jewelry for Teniquesters who are classy, sophisticated, bold, confident and most importantly unique, since 2011. While we pride ourselves on making jewelry that is bold and unique, we also love that we design versatile jewelry. This means that a lot of our jewelry can be worn in more than one way, and nothing says bold and unique like transforming one jewelry piece to suit different occasions and outfits. We also pride ourselves on designing customized jewelry for our Teniquesters, that will enhance their confidence. We strongly believe that your confidence on the inside can shine on the outside, through the accessories you wear.

Meet Our Designer

Our talented and creative designer grew up in Kingston, Jamaica and she is very proud of that, as it has shaped who she is today. Nicolette Simms, more popularly known as Nixx is the Founder and Designer at Tenique Designs. She started making jewelry back in 2011 for one reason; she wanted to wear unique accessories that would represent her. She did not like the idea of seeing others in her outfit, so she thought accessories would be a great way to set her apart. After one jewelry class and wearing her new designs, she found herself fulfilling orders for more jewelry like hers.

She believes everyone has their style and it should be shown in how they accessorize their outfits. While accessories can transform an outfit, they also can speak to who you are and your mood at any point in time. She believes that women should take pride in how they dress daily and should not be afraid to show who they are. 

She loves empowering women and young girls to be the best version of themselves and she continuously seeks ways to make a great impact through unique ways in her community.

Owning Tenique Designs is one of her biggest accomplishments. Of all the tasks she performs at Tenique Designs, her favorite is designing custom jewelry for her Teniquesters.

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Daytime TV Show

"I loved presenting some fab designs for Haute Accessories Week to Cyndi.  I loved the talk show vibe!"

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Werk Pray Slay

"I was afraid of stepping out my comfort zone by going to Atlanta to exhibit my jewelry.  While it was exciting to succeed, it was also exciting to meet one of my inspirations, Nicole McLaren-Campbell, The Goal Accelerator."

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Great American Teach In

"Engaging with young women is so important to me.  It is essential to let them know how powerful and valuable they are."

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Haute Accessories Week

"I love participating in fashion shows.  The part I am most nervous about is walking the runway at the end of my presentation.  7 years at Haute Accessories Week has been great."