Fine Jewelry Consultations

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Tenique Designs Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace

Our designer offers exclusive consultations for fine jewelry purchases. She works with one of the largest and best jewelry manufacturers in the world to source and design fine jewelry for our Teniquesters.

Most recently, our Teniquester wanted the perfect gift for someone special. She knew the person she was shopping for is a family oriented person, who has a close relationship with her daughter and granddaughter. Our designer suggested a necklace with the birthstones of the three generations. She chose a delicate sterling silver chain with an infinity focal and added genuine gemstones to represent their birthstones; Garnet, Pearl, and Ruby.

Tenique Designs Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace

A gift as special, thoughtful, and customized as this can put a smile on anyone's face. Whose face do you want to put a smile on? Let us know and our designer will provide an exclusive consultation.

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