Tips for Organizing Jewelry

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How many of us have our jewelry sitting on our dresser? Or maybe they are all in 1 box or drawer and we have to be super careful so we don't get them tangled? We put thought into purchasing our jewelry, but not so much thought into how we store them. It is so important to store and organize your jewelry, so they last longer and of course, so you don't get frustrated whenever you want to choose an item to wear. We organize everything else, our jewelry should be no different.
Here are some tips for organizing your jewelry:


Before you start organizing your jewelry, take some time to go through all of them, and throw out the ones that have tarnished. For broken jewelry, take them to a jeweler (like us) to find out if they can be fixed. For jewelry that you no longer wear, donate them to one of your friends who would love them, or find an organization to donate them to.

Group jewelry by category

Here are categories you can group your jewelry by. If you want to take it a step further, you can divide those categories even more.
  • Necklaces - short/long/beaded/chain
  • Earrings - studs/hoops/long drops
  • Bracelets - bangle/bracelet/chain/beaded
  • Rings - everyday/special occasion
  • Body Jewelry
  • Pins/Brooches


Now that you have categorized your jewelry, decide where it would be best for you to store them. Here are some options:
Displays on your dresser or a countertop - this is ideal if you are constantly on the go. This way you can see what is available while you are getting dressed.
Jewelry box - if you do not have that many jewelry pieces, then you can find a sleek jewelry box that will fit on your dresser or countertop.
In your drawer - if you do not like the idea of having items on your dresser, then you can dedicate one of your drawers to storing your jewelry. Jewelry trays are perfect for this method.
Stand-alone jewelry armoire - if you have a lot of jewelry and want to be super fancy, you can opt for this method. Of course, be sure you have a place to store it. If you do not have space for a stand-alone armoire, then wall options are available.

Get help

If you are not sure where to start, our designer can consult with you (virtually or in-person) to provide some assistance. Contact us to get started.

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