Nicolette Simms posing for photo at Tenique Designs Halloween Jewelry Making Class

Halloween Jewelry Making Party Recap

The season of costumes is upon us, and what better way to celebrate it than by crafting your own Halloween-themed jewelry? We recently hosted a Halloween Jewelry Making Party where Teniquesters got creative. 

Attendees enjoyed making bracelets filled with candy corn, spiders, ghosts, and skull beads. From the moment they stepped it, we could tell they were ready for some jewelry-making fun. Some weren't sure they were creative enough, but in the end, they proved themselves wrong. Their versatile bracelets became more than just Halloween accessories, but more of an expression of each person's personality. While some Teniquesters spun their creativity into spider web earrings, others made charm bracelets that they can wear all year round. 

The party was filled with inspiration, creativity, jewelry-making tips, conversations about costumes and more while listening to Halloween-themed music in the background. Of course, Michael Jackson's Thriller was on the list.

At the end of the night, Teniquesters left with their own creations (evidence that they can do the impossible) and sported their new Tenique Designs jewelry bags.

Layout of beads at Tenique Designs Halloween Jewelry Making Party

Nicolette Simms leading a Halloween Jewelry Making Class at Pickled Makers in Lutz, FL.

Ghost beads layed out for handmade Halloween bracelet.

Teniquesters making Halloween-themed stretch bracelets in Tampa.

Teniquesters showing off their handmade bracelets at Halloween jewelry making party.

Attendees making a heart wearing their handmade charm bracelets.

Collage of Halloween beads at Tenique Designs Jewelry Making Party.

Join us at our Holiday Jewelry Making Party on December 14.

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