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About Us

Tenique Designs is no stranger to the fashion industry in Tampa, Florida, as we have been participating in various fashion shows since 2013. We have participated in Haute Accessories Week for 5 years, Freeze The Runway, Runaway to Runway 2017 and Vue on Fashion for three (3) years.  Tenique Designs is geared toward persons who are classy, sophisticated and most importantly unique. Our accessories can accentuate any outfit for any occasion. Each piece has a unique design that will help Teniquesters (persons who wear Tenique Designs jewelry) to feel even more confident and unique.  Accessories designed by Tenique Designs can be purchased from the fashion shows and events that we participate in and our online jewelry shop. One important feature about shopping with Tenique Designs is that you can order customized pieces for any occasion.

Our Designer

Our Jamaican-born designer Nicolette Simms started making jewelry in 2011.  She thought it would be cool to make her own unique jewelry. Very quickly her coworkers started placing orders for their own unique jewelry pieces.  Since then she has been designing and creating unique jewelry that transforms outfits.  Alongside her creative juices, her education and office experience has contributed to her small business skills.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Studies (Marketing) and also a Masters in Business Administration degree, with a concentration in Marketing.   

 Nicolette loves creating unique jewelry that enhances the confidence of our Teniquesters and Transferms their outfits.o

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