About Tenique Designs

Over the years, we have seen the importance of accessories. We believe that accessories have the power to add a pop that completes and polishes your outfit and your environment. Since 2011, we have been designing for Teniquesters who are classy, sophisticated, bold, confident, and most importantly, unique. We pride ourselves on making accessories that are bold, unique, and often versatile. Nothing says bold and unique like transforming your accessories in different ways. We also pride ourselves on designing customized accessories for our Teniquesters, that will speak to their individual personality. We strongly believe that your confidence on the inside can shine on the outside, through the accessories you use.

Our mission is to inspire women to show up as their best selves by expressing their personalities through our unique designs. The values we hold close are authenticity, creativity, honesty, and philanthropy.

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Meet our Designer

Our designer, Nixx, started designing jewelry because she wanted to be unique and represent her personality. Now, she continues to design jewelry because she wants women to represent who they are on a daily basis and be bold about it.

"We are all unique and we should own it at all times, even in how we dress. Our accessories truly accentuate our outfits and speaks for us before we even say anything", says Nixx.

She values uniqueness and creativity, and loves seeing how women are empowered when they truly take on who they are and walk in that confidence.

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