How a Jewelry-Making Event Transforms Lives

How a Jewelry-Making Event Transforms Lives

At Tenique Designs, we are all about elegance and purpose. Partnering with the Pace Center for Girls, we hosted a jewelry-making and pop-up shopping presentation that turned out to be much more than just a creative evening.

Picture this: a cozy gathering in a private home, where 15 people came together to unleash their creativity. They made stunning bracelets, crafted with their own creativity and the beads we provided, all while bonding and having a blast. Oh yes, and they shopped, they definitely shopped!

Jewelry Making Party in Tampa

But here's the best part: it wasn't just about the jewelry. Together with our amazing attendees and the fantastic supporters of Tenique Designs, we gave back. A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales for our jewelry-making workshop and sales from our gorgeous jewelry collection went straight to restocking the Growth and Change Behavior Modification store at Pace Center for Girls. This store is a lifeline for the girls there, where they get to shop for essentials and treats that celebrate their progress. They earn points to shop in this store by embodying Pace’s 9 Guiding Values and Principles. On Wednesday mornings, the shopping trips at the Behavior Modification store aren't just about items — they're about celebrating growth and showing these incredible girls how amazing they truly are. By helping restock the store for a whole quarter, we hoped to make their journeys a little brighter.


Jewelry Making Party in Florida

This experience has inspired us beyond words, and we hope it does the same for you. Let's think outside the box when it comes to supporting meaningful organizations in our community , like Pace Center for Girls. Events like ours not only raise vital funds but also build a sense of community and spread awareness. They're a chance for us to come together, share our talents, and make a real difference in causes we care deeply about.


Jewelry Making Party in Tampa

Join Us in Sparking Change

Whether you're a fellow jewelry designer, an enthusiast, or someone who's passionate about making a difference, we invite you to explore new ways to support causes close to your heart. Together, let's create a world where creativity fuels transformation and where our actions today pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Contact us to find out how we can collaborate to support causes dear to your heart.


Jewelry Making Party in Tampa
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