About Brunch in Vogue

Indulge in a day of style, sophistication, and delectable delights at our exclusive “Brunch in Vogue” event! Get ready for a fashion-forward extravaganza where new Tenique Designs jewelry graces the runway and gourmet brunch creations from Dre’s Island Food Services tantalize your taste buds.

Nicolette Simms, Keary Simms, Tampa Fashion Event, Tampa Jewelry Designer, Tampa Chef

Who We Are

Introducing the dynamic duo behind Brunch in Vogue! Meet Chef Dre, a culinary virtuoso with a passion for crafting exquisite flavors that tantalize the palate. His culinary artistry elevates every dish into a symphony of taste and texture, leaving guests craving more. Paired perfectly with Dre's culinary finesse is the brilliant creativity of his wife, Nicolette, a visionary jewelry designer known for her elegant and captivating pieces that effortlessly meld classic aesthetics with modern charm. Together, they weave a tapestry of sophistication, infusing every detail of their event with a seamless blend of fashion and food. Join them for a stylish journey where delectable bites and dazzling accessories converge, creating an ambiance that's as tasteful as it is tantalizing.

Our Why

We believe in the power of indulgence with a purpose. Our mission is to curate an unforgettable culinary and fashion experience, where every bite and every accessory serves a higher cause. By uniting the worlds of gourmet cuisine and stylish elegance, we aim to raise not just glasses, but also funds, for those in need. With each delectable dish and exquisite piece of jewelry, we're committed to making a meaningful impact in our community. Join us in celebrating the art of giving back, where fashion meets compassion, and brunch becomes a catalyst for positive change.

We are in the process of selecting the non-profit organization(s) in our community we want to support.

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  • KB Blaze Candle Co.

    KB Blaze Candle Co.

  • Yummy and Trendy

    Yummy and Trendy

  • Onthehumble DJ



  • Andrea Reynolds, Emcee at Brunch in Vogue, Tampa

    Andrea Reynolds


  • Caiya, Brunch in Vogue model


  • Jazzlyn Rose Model

    Jazzlyn Rose


  • Jessica Delovely Model

    Jessica Delovely


  • Karyna Pena models at Brunch in Vogue, Things to do in Tampa

    Karyna Pena


  • Tamoy Prawl Model

    Tamoy Prawl


  • O’Shai - model



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  • Dre's Island Food Services

  • Elliot James Bridal, Brunch in Vogue Sponsor

    Elliot James Bridal

  • Fotoset by James

  • Panoramic 360 Photo Booths

  • Roseate, Brunch in Vogue Sponsor


  • Suncoast Credit Union, Brunch in Vogue Sponsor

    Suncoast Credit Union

  • The Fashion Movement, Brunch in Vogue, Tampa

    The Fashion Movement

  • Tricolor Photography, Brunch in Vogue Sponsor

    Tricolor Photography

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